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RLC Party’ers Cabin Door Contest

Get ready to showcase your creativity and compete for the title of the ship’s best decorated cabin door!

In this 10th Annual Cabin Door Contest, we’re spicing things up by challenging you to use only magnets to create your captivating masterpiece.

If you’re eager to participate, kindly leave your name, email, cabin number and any message you would like to leave, at the bottom of this post to register.
Excitement awaits as we announce the winners in three distinct categories, with a dazzling trophy awarded for first place in each category. The categories are as follows:

Ten Year Anniversary: Celebrate our milestone with designs that embody the spirit of our unforgettable ten-year journey.

Music/Musicians: Let your door harmonize with the rhythm of music, paying tribute to legendary artists or showcasing your own musical passions.

Cruising with Friends: Capture the essence of camaraderie and unforgettable memories as you portray the joy of cruising alongside your cherished companions.

Some themes may intertwine, but we’re seeking the most dominant representation of each category.
Remember, there are no limits except for one: Don’t use tape.
Stay tuned to this Web-Page for any updates and announcements regarding the contest.
Let your imagination soar and prepare to amaze us all!

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Cabin Door Contest - Photo Gallery

See Y'all in February!!!

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