Our Group Photo

"Say Cheese"

You’re invited to join us for our Annual RLC Party’ers Group Picture!

Mark your calendars for February 23rd at 9:30 am, as we gather on the ship’s top deck, right in front of the stage, during the first morning of the cruise.

To ensure minimal disruption to everyone’s planned activities, we have scheduled the photo session just before the first concert of the day, following our tradition from previous years. We are thrilled to announce that Cody will be our official Professional Photographer, and a Ship Photographer will also be present to capture the moment.

Rest assured, each attendee will receive a complimentary copy of the group picture, which can be downloaded or copied for free. Along with all our other meet & greet photos… the group picture will be sent to us via Dropbox or email. Additionally, for those who can’t wait to obtain a copy and would like one right away, additional copies will be available for purchase at the ship’s photography lounge the very next day. We can’t wait to create more amazing memories together!

While it’s not mandatory, we kindly request that you wear your Party’er T-shirts for the picture. We understand that 9:30 am may be early for everyone, especially after a fun-filled night, but remember, you can catch up on sleep when you return home in just 4 days. Don’t miss out on this epic photo shoot!

See you there!

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