RLC Party'ers Reunion

"Where Family Comes Together"

Waz Up Party’ers! Circle these dates in red because the much-awaited RLC Party’ers Reunion is rockin’ your way!

Get ready to Party on June 28th, June 29th and June 30th in the heart of New Jersey. We’re taking you to “Rock, Ribs and Ridges” – not just a festival, but a three-day rock n roll fiesta, where Music, Friends, and the “Jersey’s Best Ribs” collide.

Picture this: the scenic Sussex County Fairgrounds, transformed into a rock n roll haven.
From the get-go, you’re Camping Out and getting hungry. So you decide to go get some award winning ribs from some of the Best BBQ’s in the state and they are right there, then as you are eating those delicious ribs… you hear something that sounds like Molly Hatchet Playing. You run over to where the music is coming from and it is Molly Hatchet and they’re rockin it out Hard! And guess what? BlackBerry Smoke is coming up next!
But that’s nuttin, cause tomorrow… The Artimus Pyle Band and The Outlaws are playin.
This is a Rock n Roll Fantasy for most Rockers, but for the Party’ers, this is just another Party’ers Reunion at Rock Ribs and Ridges.

What’s your style? A single day of rock-filled fun or a full-blown rock retreat for the whole 3 days? Rock, Ribs and Ridges has got your back. Swing by for a day and get lost in the Rock n Roll, or go all out with a campsite or RV spot, turning night into day with non-stop partying.

Now, to the core of it all – the music.
Every year, this festival’s stage lights up with the legends of rock and the hot new acts setting the scene ablaze. It’s a lineup that honors our rock roots while embracing the new, all under the open sky.

And hey, it ain’t just about the tunes. Ready for a Rib Cook Off? Dive into a world of finger-licking ribs and a smorgasbord of eats that’ll have your taste buds singing. As you hop from stall to stall, it’s more than just food – it’s about sharing laughs and tales with folks who get it, all united by our love for ribs and rock.

Here’s the scoop on this year’s lineup (so far – stay tuned, there’s more to come):

FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 2024 6:00 PM – Doors Open 7:15 PM – Artist TBD 8:30 PM – “We’re Havin’ A Party”

SATURDAY, JUNE 29, 2024 Noon – Doors Open 1:00 PM – Matt Coffy Band 2:15 PM – Artist TBD 3:45 PM – Artist TBD 5:30 PM – Molly Hatchet 7:30 PM – Blackberry Smoke

SUNDAY, JUNE 30, 2024 Noon – Doors Open 1:00 PM – Artist TBD 2:30 PM – Artimus Pyle Band 4:30 PM – The Outlaws 6:30 PM – Artist TBD

So, Party’ers, get ready to answer the call of Rock, Ribs and Ridges! It’s more than a festival – it’s a reunion, a celebration, a place where the music draws us back together.

See you in New Jersey for a reunion to remember. It’s time to party the Party’ers way! 

Nobody Parties Like We Do!🎸🔥🤘

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