“Hey… Don’t Film Me, Man… I’ll Explain Later”

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I’ve got an incredible story to share with you today, one that involves me meeting my ultimate rock ‘n’ roll idol for the very first time. Brace yourselves for a journey back to RLC5, a legendary voyage where April Wine, the Canadian band that holds a special place in my heart, graced our ship with their presence.

Studio ‘B’ was buzzing with anticipation as the band prepared to deliver their first concert on the cruise. And let me tell you, I was beyond ready! Armed with my trusty phone, I was determined to bring the concert experience to all the Party’ers who couldn’t be on the ship with us. I even went live on social media, eager to capture every epic moment. The excitement was contagious, and I couldn’t contain my giddiness. I knew deep down that this performance would be the highlight of the entire cruise for me.

But just when I thought everything was falling into place, an unexpected twist took me by surprise. Over the PA system, a request echoed throughout the ship, urging everyone to stow away their cameras, phones, and recording devices. No filming or recording of any kind during the concert? I was like… what?
Cause if you’ve ever attended a Rock Legends Cruise before, then you know that capturing memories through photos and videos is usually allowed, as long as you’re not sporting professional equipment. So, naturally, I was taken aback. However, I wasn’t about to set a poor example on the ship. With a heavy heart, I complied, tucking away my phone. But not before I made a promise to my friends on Facebook—I assured them that tomorrow, when April Wine hit the top deck, we’d be able to film our hearts out, no one could stop us there.

Fast forward to the momentous concert itself—it was absolutely Amazing. April Wine blew us away, exceeding every expectation. They poured their hearts and souls into the performance, leaving us in awe and craving more. It was an experience that would forever be etched in our memories.

But the night had only just begun. Around 2:30 am, back in my cabin, I decided to check my messages before calling it a day. Little did I know that what awaited me would send me into a state of utter shock. In my inbox was a personal message from Myles Goodwyn himself—the founding member, lead vocalist, and frontman of April Wine. I could hardly believe my eyes! I couldn’t contain my excitement and immediately woke up my cabinmate, bursting with the news. “Dude!!!! Myles Goodwyn just messaged me!!!” I exclaimed, unable to hide my elation. Naturally, my cabinmate was curious about the content of the message, so I eagerly opened it, only to find a simple yet intriguing sentence: “Don’t film me, man. I’ll explain later.”

“What does that mean?” my cabinmate asked me, clearly intrigued. With a grin spreading across my face, I responded, “It means Myles Goodwyn is following me on Facebook, haha!” I wasted no time and messaged him back, acknowledging his request.

The following morning arrived, and as I made my way up the ship’s stairway, a surprising encounter awaited me. There, descending just a few floors below, was Myles himself. Without hesitation, I couldn’t help but shout out, “Hey, Myles!” To my delight, he turned and waved in acknowledgment. It was the perfect opportunity for me to address the message he had sent. So I screamed out “Hey Myles, I got your message, and I promise I won’t bring my phone to today’s concert.” Little did I know that this simple exchange would take an unexpected turn.

Myles’s wave suddenly transformed into an index finger, beckoning me to join him. It felt like a blinking turn signal, leaving me slightly mortified. There I stood, just a couple of floors away from my idol, and he appeared ready to give me shit.

Summoning my courage, I made my way toward him, feeling a bit nervous but determined to hear him out. “What’s up, Myles?” I timidly inquired. True to his reputation, he wasted no time and delved straight into questioning my habit of filming bands on the ship. Though I couldn’t help but feel a bit singled out, I maintained my composure and politely explained that filming the bands was typically allowed, as long as it wasn’t with professional equipment. Initially skeptical, Myles listened attentively as I laid out the rules I believed we were following. He was kind and considerate, a true gentleman, and he proceeded to shed light on his reasons for requesting no filming. Apparently, it had to do with protecting users’ rights on YouTube and avoiding legal entanglements. While I may have been tempted to bend the truth a little, I had to admit he had a point. With sincerity in my voice, I assured him that I would refrain from filming for the remainder of the cruise. Well, perhaps I stretched the truth just a tad, but let’s keep that between us, shall we? Thanks!

So there you have it, my incredible encounter with Myles Goodwyn and the lessons learned aboard the Rock Legends Cruise. It’s incredible how a simple concert experience can transform into a meaningful interaction with your rock ‘n’ roll idol. While I may have fibbed a bit about my commitment to filming, it’s undeniable that this encounter left a lasting impression on me.

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  1. I was on that cruise and I saw them in the Royal Theatre and we arrived a little after the show started got pretty good seats about 15 Rows back on the right side at the end of the row I took my camera out and started to record them We got there late so I didn’t hear the announcement about not filming Myles was looking at me and I thought great I’m getting good video of this Then after the song he said while looking at me We Asked you not to film us and it’s rude to not respect that I had no idea he was talking about me for a minute or so I didn’t mean to disrespect them I just didn’t know So I put my camera away and didn’t take it out agian I couldn’t understand why until I saw this Still really don’t know why it’s a big deal but I can respect that

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