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Welcome to the heart and soul of rock n roll at the RLC Party’ers blog!
Get ready to dive headfirst into the electrifying world of music, where every riff, lyric, and beat tells a story that’s as timeless as it is thrilling.

At the helm of this Rockin Journey is none other than Fred Schott… our resident rock aficionado and chief storyteller.
With a passion for all things rock n roll coursing through his veins, Fred brings decades of experience, insight, and unbridled enthusiasm to the forefront.
* Fred covers the classics that shaped generations. *
* Fred has new perspectives on albums, groups, rockstars and everything in-between. *
* You will read unheard stories & tales of music that you grew up with. *
* Fred leaves no stone unturned as he delves into the vast and vibrant tapestry of rock music. *

But that’s not all – our team of Directors also have a spot reserved for us to Blog, just for you.
Each of us will be sharing our own unforgettable rock n roll story or tale, giving you a glimpse into the moments that have shaped our musical journey.


But we're not just here to reminisce; we're here to invite you to join the conversation.

Do you have a rock n roll story burning inside you, itching to be shared?
We want to hear it!
Click the button below and send us your most epic, hilarious, or downright wild experiences.
Who knows? Your story just might steal the spotlight on our blog!

Whether you're a seasoned rocker or a curious newcomer, our blog is your backstage pass to everything rock n roll.

Fred Schott: The RLC Party'ers - Rock & Roll Historian

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