“Make sure you share that with everyone!”

Blue Oyster Cult
Blue Oyster Cult
Welcome to our RLCP Blog. This is where we can tell our Rock & Roll stories and the fun we had in the Teenage Wasteland! As your RLCP Vice Prez, I will get the ball a rollin’ with a cool story about our RLC Alumni Blue Oyster Cult!

My adventure began at the Kingstone Fairgrounds, in Kingston New Hampshire on June 7, 1986. BOC was headlining an outdoor fest during their Club Ninja Tour. I remember it was hot as hell and they had a chain link fence separating the audience from the band who played on a high stage. The venue workers were spraying the audience down with water hoses because it was so hot. Well BOC put on a great show and for the encore came out with Don’t Fear the Reaper followed by Road House Blues!

While Eric Bloom sang the lyrics ” I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer”! he pulled out an ice cold Bud tall boy…popped it open and took a swig. Well myself being a spry 19 year old at this time and in the front row I proceeded to climb the chain link fence determined to get a sip of that beer. Once I got to the top of the chain link fence, to my surprise, Eric Bloom came over and handed the Budweiser to me!!!

I climbed back down with my prize with Eric saying on the microphone… “Make sure you share that with everyone!”

Me and my friends finished the cold beer off and I proudly displayed it for many years in my room with the BOC symbol written on it in black marker to commemorate the event!
Unfortunately my little brother (Charlo) needed money and without me knowing went into my room and picked up all of the empty beer cans to sell…not knowing he had sold a piece of history to the recycling center!!! If interested in the Set List for this show, see our Schwag section.

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