Whenever you are having one of those days, here’s a reminder:

We all have bad days when it comes to financial or career decisions. There’s a difference though in a day with bad things that happen to us and a bad day due to our own poor judgement or stupidity, right? To put those bad financial/career-decision days that are “on you” in perspective, let me share two stories.

You have undoubtedly heard of Pete Best. But Pete had no say in losing out on his place in history as drummer for The Beatles; he was kicked out. (And, at least he did reap some financial rewards eventually from the Beatles Anthology releases.)

In contrast, have you ever heard of Dik Evans? Dik gets my vote for worst career move by any musician. When Dik was a teenager, he was in a band called The Hype (admittedly, not a great name for, well, anything). Thinking that the odds of making a career in music were too long, Dik quit and went back to college. Dik had a younger brother, Dave, who decided to stay in The Hype. About a year later, The Hype changed their name to U2 and went on to earn both billions of dollars (their tours grossed over a billion just between 2010-2019) and critical acclaim. Dave became “The Edge” while Dik, after college, went on to found The Virgin Prunes, The Kid Sisters, and The Screech Owls.

The other person whose plight might put your next bad day into perspective is Ronald Wayne. In 1976, he decided to sell his 10% ownership in the company he co-founded to his two partners. They paid him $800 plus $1500 the next year for that stake. The name of the company: Apple, Inc. And that 10% would now be worth more than 200 billion dollars.

See… you could have had a much worse day.

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