Lee Sklar – Bassist Extraordinaire

Today is the 77th birthday of one of the three most ubiquitous bassists in popular music history, Lee Sklar (the others being James Jamerson and Carol Kaye). Name a singer-songwriter or soft rock band from the ‘70’s and Lee likely anchored the rhythm section on at least one of their albums. Jackson, CS&N, Karla Bonoff, James Taylor, America, Rita, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, Carly, Rod, Warren, Dolly, Stevie, Bette, Carole King, Neil Diamond, and Leonard Cohen. And later, Melissa Etheridge, Sheryl Crow, and the great and inexplicably unknown Amanda Marshall. He also played bass on all of those wonderful Mike Post TV theme songs like Hill Street Blues, The Rockford Files, Magnum P.I, The A-Team, and L.A. Law.

Lee’s current band, The Immediate Family, has played some amazing sets on two of our Rock Legends Cruises. TIF also boasts three other ubiquitous musicians, Waddy Wachtel, Danny “Kooch” Korchmar,  and Russ Kunkel. They have the best line for opening concerts: “We’re the only cover band that plays all originals.” 

Lee also puts out very entertaining YouTube posts. If you watch only one video today, my suggestion would be watch him play his part to the joyful Doctor My Eyes on his peace bass. It will make your day. 

Happy birthday to a really, really nice guy and a fantastic musician.

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