Rock and Roll!

Another contender for the birth date of rock and roll is July 11. On this date way back in 1951, Alan Freed broadcast his first Moondog House Rock and Roll Party marking the first known use of the phrase “rock and roll” on radio (giving Freed a claim on inventing the phrase).

Freed was also a catalyst in being the first DJ to play and introduce Black R&B music to a white audience. Interestingly, Brits would be the ones to re-record the American R&B songs and bring them to the ears of the masses. We, Americans, were enamored with British groups while British teens were enamored with American artists. That is why, in case you ever wondered, that ever early Beatles, Kinks, Animals and Stones record had at least one R&B and/or Motown cover on it while American bands were all trying to copy The Beatles and Stones sound, looks, and songs.

Funny how life works sometimes.

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