Rolling Stones

Rock and Roll!

Another contender for the birth date of rock and roll is July 11. On this date way back in 1951, Alan Freed broadcast his first Moondog House Rock and Roll Party marking the first known use of the phrase “rock and roll” on radio (giving Freed a claim on inventing the phrase). Freed was also

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Mick and Mick

On this date in 1969, Mick Taylor was announced as the replacement for Brian Jones in the Stones, ushering in what many people (including yours truly) see as the golden era of the band as a live juggernaut. Not only did Taylor elevate the band’s sound on classics like Brown Sugar, Can’t You Hear Me

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Probably the most important date in the history of The Rolling Stones, other than the date Keith saw Mick at the train station in 1961, was on this date 56 years ago. On May 24, 1968, the Stones released Jumping Jack Flash. To say that the Stones were in a bad way at the time is like saying Mick Jagger is a bit famous.

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Andy Johns

Today is the birthdate of the great Andy Johns. Andy was the engineer on many, many albums that we loved over the years including Zeppelin II, III, IV, Houses of the Holy, and Graffiti as well as the Stones Sticky Fingers and Exile on Main Street, Delaney and Bonnie and Friends On Tour with Eric

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